aravenaphotography asked: I'm loving ur photography, what kind of camera do you use?

Not sure if I answered this ~ Canon 70D w/ Sigma 10-20 for most of my auto shoots!

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akhan89 asked: Hey wanted to ask you. What gas are u running in the car? And what engine is it? The ej20g or ej20k? I'm looking into importing one myself and I live in toronto, canada. Thanks

Hey mate, thank for the Q! It’s a V2 STI so it has an EJ20G .. slightly more a pain in the ass than the 20K would be. Husky 94 octane is the only gas the car likes, anything less and I get detonation and “stuttering” at certain RPM’s. The cars are super fun but at least in my experience with the EJ20G requires constant maintenance. Good-luck, submit a pic once you have it!

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